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Gélatine de poisson en poudre 200 bloom 700g

TopCake – 200 bloom fish powder gelatin Gélatine 700g



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TopCake – 200 bloom fish powder gelatin 700g. This Gelatin powder is an alternative to bovine gelatin or pork gelatin. Mainly used as a geling agent but also as a bulking agent, fining agent, stabilizing agent, emulsifier, thickening

- Powder gelatin of fish 200 bloom- 700g- Storage : In a sealed package away from heat and moisture. - Protein - Gelatin obtained from fish skins processed with acid. Instructions / reconstitution / dosage : - Sprinkle 10g of powder in roughly 20 cl of water to make it swell - One gelatin sheet = 2g of 200°Bloom powder gelatin. Preparation of solutions : There are three different ways : 1 Traditional method (Make it swell in cold water beforehand then dissolve it in water-bath) - Swelling : Sprinkle gelatin over the surface of cold water (not the other way around) and stir at moderate speed. Leave it swell for 1 or 2 hours - Fusion :  Heat it around 65° to 70°C. Keep at this temperature until it all dissolves (15 à 20 mm). - Before using check that the solution is entirely homogeneous and that there is no undisolved particles. 2 Fast methold (Direct dissolution in boilling water) recommended for concentrated solutions (higher than 20%) - Add gelatin directly in very hot water 80-90°C and stir rapidly. - Leave to cool whilst stirring gently until it all dissolves (15min) - Temperature will lower down to 50 à 70°C. This method allows for preparing large quantities of gelatin in a few minutes, however it frequently causes the apparition of foam, which will be be especially important knowing that the gelatin is in powder form. To solve this problem, it is possible to : wait for a little while before using the gelatin solution again or use a cuve with a tap on the bottom to relieve the solution from under, which is more preferable. 3 Intermediary method - Swelled gelatin can be added directly into a hot mixture, such as baked sugar syrup in confectionery or hot glycerin in pharmacology.- After cold swelling process such as how it is explained in the first method, introduce the swelled gelatin directly into a hot liquid whilst stiring. Properties : Swell in cold water and is entirely soluble in hot water. Very hot temperatures lower its geling properties : Do not boil genlatin : When reaching boiling point gelatin produces foam in large quantities, not unlike milk, then she rapidly decays. LEGISLATION / SPECIFICATIONS : Conform to regulations CE n° 853/2004, n° 2073/2005 and to the « GME standard code bacteriological specification food grade gelatin »

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TopCake – 200 bloom fish powder gelatin Gélatine 700g
TopCake – 200 bloom fish powder gelatin 700g. This Gelatin powder is an alternative to bovine gelatin or pork gelatin. Mainly used as a geling...

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