Funcakes colouring gels 

Cook-Shop proposes you one of the most famous names of the world of creative baking and cake design! Funcakes has a very large range of high quality products for all kinds of creative use.

Funcakes colouring gels are highly concentrated, which means you will need a smaller quantity to obtain a clear, bright and unified colour. The product is perfect for colouring ganaches, marzipan, various creams and cakes as well as sugarpaste and most of the delicious treats you can imagine ! Besides the usual colours, this great range of products exists in a large selection of original and beautiful varieties of colours ! This stunning royal blue is perfect for a distinguished and elegant decoration, but this poppy red is just what you need for a crazy and colourful batch of treats.

The clever tube will help you avoid unnecessary spill (it would be such a shame) but is also very handy, you can store it easily.

Funcakes colouring gels can also be used to colour chocolate, as it stays stable up to 200°C.